Amateur Gun Dog Standings:

Congratulations to Tania Campbell and Freyja for winning the Amateur Gun Dog of the Year trophy! The new season has begun, don’t forget to enter your dogs!

Full Name Call Name Owner  Total
Remek’s Valley Hunter Moondance Tango Pat Carney 182
BISS CH Lagniappe’s Who’s Your Daddy CDX RE MHA VC Kyou Beth Chandler 129
Sunruled Lyons Just Make My Mark Marco Stephanie Daugherty/Cathy Mielke/Carol Johnson 60
CH Valley Hunter’s Big Easy CDX SH VC Remy Beth Chandler 33
Barben’s Beaujolais Jolie Trish Burdin/Karen Buerki/Barbara Zahn 20
CH SoCo’s Independence Day SH Patriot Paul and Jennifer Hermes 10
Vermilion Oh Brother Where Art Thou? Pete Pam Stuart 8
SoCo’s Twist of Fate JH Jane Paul and Jennifer Hermes 6
CH Goldstar Annian Antares SH RN Tara Patty and Geoff Hart 2
Ch Egri Luna Bella of Edisonia JH Luna Sal Dickinson 0
Barben’s Storm Warning Stormy Trish Burdin/Barbara Zahn 0
CH Edisonia’s Chosen Cosmos Of Sunny Boy Cosmo Sal Dickinson 0

*Dogs with scores of zero have been nominated to compete.