About TBVC

The Tampa Bay Vizsla Club held its first meeting in 1986 and is currently the only Vizsla club in the state of Florida. The TBVC is dedicated to the versatility of the breed and supports all venues for vizslas and their owners to showcase their talents.

The mission of the TBVC is to:

  • Maintain the highest standard of the Vizsla purebred dog and preserve its integrity
  • Promote and provide Vizsla events sanctioned by the AKC: conformation, obedience, hunt tests, field trials, agility and educational events that bring members together in order to continue to develop the breed.
  • Take whatever actions necessary to protect and assure the continuation of the Vizsla breed and the sport of purebred dogs.

Please see attached Membership Application Form for information on how to become a TBVC member.