The Tampa Bay Vizsla Club Rescue is dedicated to the saving and placing of Vizslas who need a loving forever home, and is the only vizsla rescue in the state of Florida.  We get dogs out of shelters, take in stray vizslas, and rehome dogs for owners that for some reason cannot keep them any longer. Because of limited resources, we are only able to assist with placing purebred vizslas.

Some of the dogs that come into vizsla rescue are not in perfect health and may require expensive veterinary care.  In addition, all dogs that are placed into new homes by Vizsla Rescue are first spayed or neutered.   TBVC Rescue always welcomes any assistance you may be able to provide, financial or otherwise.

Many volunteers make up the team that saves Vizslas in the state of Florida, and we can’t do it without your help!

To contact TBVC Rescue, please email

If you would like to be considered to adopt a Vizsla, please fill out the Rescue Application.

Tampa Bay Vizsla Club Rescue
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