Available Dogs

Not all of the dogs that come into rescue are listed on this site. Many (especially puppies and young dogs) have great applications in for them before they come into TBVCR, and go right to their forever homes. Even if there are no dogs listed here, please fill out the application so that when a perfect dog for you comes along, we can contact you. Please be patient with us, we are volunteers and we can not answer every email, but we are working hard to ensure that the dogs go to the best homes.

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Hi, my name is Ruger. They call me a “sugarface” and I’m 10 years old, but don’t let that fool you! I can hop into a truck from a standstill, I really love it when you throw a ball or toy for me, and I enjoy playing with my foster-mom’s hyper, 2-year old GSP and other visiting dogs. I came into rescue under some sad circumstances and I’m a testament to the fact that not all dogs in rescue are unwanted or unloved. I lived with my previous family my entire life and I’m a REALLY good boy. I know my name, I’m good on and off leash, I love going on walks and playing outside and I like water, too! I’m a gentleman in the house, and I am a typical Velcro dog with my people. When you come home, I’ll press my face and whole body against you to tell you how much I missed you, and I’ll fall asleep in your lap if you’ll let me. I can be a little shy around strangers, but if you let me meet people at my own pace I warm up quickly!

I started to have some confidence issues over the last several years and became possessive over spaces like my owners bedroom, food (with other dogs) and in my foster home with the couch or bed. I’ve been with my foster mom for a while (I’ve only ever had two incidents with her but she’s really good with dogs) and a couple with other people that are not dog savvy and do not know how to “read” me. My foster mom says with a little structure and a family that’s willing to believe in me and give me confidence, my issues should all but disappear.  If I think you’re trying to force me to do something I don’t want to do, I’ll sit down or run to my safe spot. It’s important to be kind, but firm and encouraging in these moments to help me come out of my shell. I can be insecure, but once I trust you, I become much more confident and my anxiety/fears start melting away. You have to be confident so I can be confident!

My forever family has to be “dog savvy,” meaning that you know how to read my body cues to know when I am uncomfortable – AND – if I react, you will not take it personally, as it isn’t personal – I just get anxious.  Dog savvy does’t mean you have had lots of years with dogs, rather it means you are confident to handle a dog that has special behavioral needs and have had past experience in doing this.  I don’t want to scare you, I have FLOURISHED in my foster home and behave like a well-adjusted, loving Vizsla in most circumstances – so, if you have the experience and have room in your heart and home for me, please contact TBVC rescue and fill out an application.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Vizsla Mixes

There are also many wonderful Vizsla mixes that need homes!
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