I wanted to give you a 3 month update on Brady since that’s considered when they pretty much adapt to the new home. Brady just had his teeth cleaned a few weeks ago and he is doing great with teeth brushing at home. We went through alot getting him to eat healthy and Senior dog food. He ended up losing 12 pounds out of it which was very stressful but now it’s his senior food with 2 teaspoons of plain Greek yogurt mixed in and he gets fresh broccoli everyday.

When I look back to 3 months ago compared to today it’s like night and day literally. I know we can all understand how a dog would pretty much shut down being rehomed at 8 1/2. He was so stressed out on the drive home and now after making car trips fun for him with treats from drive-thru businesses he seems really good in the car. He does great at the vet which is the first dog I’ve ever had do well. We’re doing great dremeling the nails which took quite a while considering you couldn’t even touch his feet. Treats and yogurt made that happen and a lot of work touching his feet.

Brady growls when you try and move him or if it’s a situation where he doesn’t feel comfortable but I don’t feel threatened at all it just seems to be a way he communicates since he had issues with the young children at his first home. We convert the growl into playing very quickly. Considering when I first brought him home he growled if I even walked near one of his beds and he wouldn’t get on the couch or the bed with me. He spent a lot of time in the safety of the crate with all his bedding set up and I understand that totally. Brady is such a sweet little boy that loves people and we’re still working on other dogs. I have been taking him to Lowe’s and PetSmart for socialization and he’s doing great at that. It’s so hard having a Vizsla that won’t get on the couch or in the bed with you but he had to decompress and do it on his terms but of course I added bribery and that helped him progress.

I was thinking about where we’re at yesterday and now he’s all over the couches and sleeps under the covers in bed with me and when I say it’s bedtime he goes flying in the room jumping on the bed and it really makes me tear up sometimes because he finally seems at home. He even trusted me to come back after he had his teeth cleaned. We’re having a lot of problems with his allergies which I’m pretty sure is from grass because they’re on the belly pollen counts have been low for a while. His original family, who loves him so much, has been great in helping me with different ideas on the allergies. I’m doing a lot of trial-and-error processes right now. I still cannot believe this is the same dog as 3 months ago. In his case it really was best to be rehomed because obviously you can’t have a dog growling at your young children and I was the benefactor of this wonderful gift.

I was so incredibly lucky to get this little boy 9 days after losing my 16 y/o Vizsla. The great thing about senior rescues is most of us Vizsla obsessed people can’t imagine not having one in our lives but we get older and have more physical problems ourselves and it’s not fair to get a young puppy but we can have seniors and we’ll still have that deep love for the breed but the energy level is matched. TBVR has been such an incredible help and support through all of this and I could never thank them enough for bringing this special little boy into my life. he is such a sweetheart and a total love❤❤❤ I’m attaching some pictures that he modeled for. I still get such a kick out of him carrying his little stuffed animals around all the time and sticking his head between my legs. He is so addicted to National Geographic Wild and all the Vet and Zoo shows