Dora Joy

After losing our beloved 15-year old Vizlsa, Molly Mayhem, our home and hearts felt empty and we quickly realized that we all still had love to share with a family pet and began the search for a Vizsla rescue.  Almost 6-months later, we welcomed Dora Joy into our lives and our family is complete once again.

Dora, aka Dor Dor, Queenie, Lovely, DJ, Chunky Monkey or Love Bug – depending on who you ask and what she’s doing – has blended seamlessly into our family, accompanying us on walks to school and around the neighborhood as well as on trips to the stables and to Grandpa and Grandma’s house.  We even added taking Dora on the boat and going to get ice cream with her to our family summer bucket list as we identify new activities to do and new places to go together.

Dora and Grace, both age 7, enjoy playing games together, especially fetch and tug-of-war, and Dora has us all wrapped around her paw for belly rubs.  We laugh over her playful antics, like when she does the “worm” on the floor, decapitates or dismembers a toy or jumps sky high to catch a ball.

Dora brings joy to us every day in countless ways and we feel thankful and blessed to have been entrusted to care for her as her forever family.  We can’t imagine our lives without Dora, and are head over heels in love with her.

Guy, Carol and Grace