1 year old Fergie was hit by a car and left in a shelter for a month with a shattered pelvis before they would let us have her.

Fergie had FHO surgery on her pelvis thanks to a wonderful vet who gave rescue a discounted cost, and went to live with her forever home, the Hardys in Naples. They renamed her Skippy, and the photos below should show you why!

Fergie has the perfect Vizsla temperament, always happy, always resilient, and brightens the day of everyone she meets. No one deserves a new shot at life more than Fergie, she is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much to Tammy Richmond who fostered her and did physical therapy with her to get her to where she is now! And especially for the approval of the Board Members to give her a chance at life.


A letter from her owners:

I wanted to thank you so much for rescuing Fergie, we love her so much. She is the best friend a person could ever have. We have renamed her Skippy, since she skips to the truck to go everywhere with my husband, she skips on the boat and she skips down the beach. She has become the water dog, on her first few boat trips we had to physically pick her up to put her on the boat, but now as soon as we arrive at the boat dock she is crying in the car to get on the boat. I have attached a few photos of her. The photo below is amazing when you consider her hip surgery, I often wonder why they put springs in her hip.


Fergie3 fergie4

We were having a problem with her jumping over our fence, but I think we solved the problem, in order to go out she has to have a bandanna on. We have a pile of them on a table and when we are ready to go out with her we tell her to get her bandanna and she picks her color for the trip. She has about ten bandanna’s my husband insisted she have more than just red and blue…good thing he does not like her ( ha ha ha).

She does do the most amazing thing, last year my husband had foot surgery so when he took Skippy to the beach he would tell her 5 mintues, believe it or not she would run for 5 minutes and be back on the boat ready to go fishing. Now when the entire family goes, she is still back in the boat in 5 minutes. She is amazing!

We have a new game in the pool we play called, “save the ball”, she will go down the steps and rescue her tennis ball, and we sometimes play keep away and make her swim a few laps before she completes her rescue. She will take the ball far away from the pool until she is ready to play again,then she will bring it back to one of us so we can play again. What a character she is! As you can tell we love her and are so thankful you were able to bring her to us. She has to be one of the best Vizsla/friends a person could have!

I wanted to send you a quick update, since every day we feel lucky she came into our lives! If you ever see the vet who helped her, tell the vet they are awesome! She is perfect, except for those spring loaded legs…perhaps she is the bionic dog!


Fergie/Skippy in her foster care:

fergie7 fergie8