Gator’s doing great and has been an amazing addition to our family.  As he’s getting older – and perhaps more comfortable – he’s gaining weight and is a lot less skittish with loud noises and thunder than he was when he first arrived.  He and our older vizsla Anna are like two peas in a pod… two peas that wrestle, play and groom each other constantly that is.

Gator’s as doggly as good dogs come… and he’s come a long way from the anxiety troubled dog who was eating through his former owner’s drywall when we adopted him in December, 2015.

All that to say, we sincerely appreciate the work your team does to find new homes for dogs like Gator.  We often wonder “who’s saving who?” and our home is a warmer place for the happiness he brings to our whole family.

All the best!


Keith & Diane, Apollo Beach