Hannah and Nikki

From their new owner:

I am the very proud Rescue Mom of 2 very special Vizslas, that I will thank Kim Deturk and Don Bonnice from the TBVCR every day I live for. My life will be changed forever because of these amazing creatures.

Hannah is my first rescue. She came from the big Pasco County rescue in Sept 2005. She is now 6 1/2. She was severely traumatized, but is the sweetest angel there ever was. She has major quail instincts, and Don and Kim have given her so much happiness in allowing her to hunt quail. Don took her on a mock hunt for me during the 2008 Fun Weekend, and it was a joy beyond words for this precious little girl

Nikki is my second rescue. He came to me in Apr 2006, and is now 3 1/2. He became my Service Dog 6 months ago after I had a serious accident a year ago, causing brain damage and several spinal disc ruptures. He also just passed his CGC and Therapy Dog Certification on July 23rd, thanks to a very special person, Susan Wallace from the TBVCR. I thank her so much.

Hannah and Nikki were just filmed by Producers of the Oxygen Channel, and they will be submitting the film and stories of them and their incredible abilities to the Animal Planet and Discovery Channel for a show on Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs and rescue dogs that can help change the lives of the sick and disabled. These very special Vizslas have changed my life forever.