Porche Rescue

Hello from the red Vizsla on the right……My name is Porsche Anne Flynn. The lady next to me is Kombi Esno Flynn. She has taken care of me since the day I arrived at my new home with Mommy Andrea Renee’ Flynn and Greg Flynn. They were nice enough to take me into their beautiful home that is situated on a 1/4 acres and a short walk to an amazing park and the New River. We loving swimming together and playing fetch in the water especially since the weather is getting much warmer. When we are at home, we have a beautiful from fenced yard where neighbors and kids come by to visit us. The back yard has tons of running area, lizard chasing and large shady trees to take naps under. Other activities include beach walks, skateboarding and daily walks. At night, we all snuggle in bed together and keep each other warm and safe.Thank you to my new mom and daddy and sister!!! Also thank you to the ladies who found my home Sue and Loral and the Tampa Bay Vizsla Rescue Club. This is the best forever home on the planet:)

Porche 2