From his foster home:

Rex was an 11 month old male who was surrendered to us by his owner, a busy mom with 3 school aged daughters who was racked with guilt about having to give the girls’ puppy away.  They heard about me through talking to people at our local dog park.  She had purchased Rex as a puppy from a pet store.   Unfortunately, it was love at first sight and she did not take time to do any research about the breed before making the decision to bring Rex home to her busy family.  A single working mom, she lived in a 2nd floor condominium with no back yard. The clerk at the pet store assured her that vizslas do really well in crates for long periods of time and needed very little exercise.  Well you can imagine what happened from there.  Her girls were all involved in one or another after school activity and Rex spent, as near as I can tell 20-22 hours in a crate every day.  When he was not crated he was, understandably difficult to deal with.  It didn’t take her long to realize that for Rex to be happy needed to be with a different family.  It was a sad and painful decision for them and I made it as easy as I could.  Their final tearful request as they kissed him goodbye was that I find him a good home with good people.

In spite of the long hours he had spent crated, Rex was a friendly and social little boy. He did well with our daughter, our cat and our dogs.  He went to the off leash dog park and was happy and outgoing.  I was much relieved that he was well socialized and, once tired, very easy to live with.  Lynn and Leon contacted TBVC Rescue after having a bad experience with a puppy miller in Florida. Lynn had owned a Vizsla before and she knew what questions to ask. She was dismayed and disturbed by what the ‘breeder’ she talked to had to say.  They drove to my house from Lehigh Acres to meet Rex.  They brought him home for a trial period and decided that he was a keeper.  Way to go Rex and thank you Lynn and Leon for opening your hearts to him.