We always knew we would get another Vizsla, but we didn’t have any time expectation.  Currently we have a 2 year old Vizsla, Sasha, and a 12-year old Shih-Tzu, Charley.  When we were contacted about Rudi (formerly Axe), we were thrilled but yet a bit apprehensive.  We had a great household balance and didn’t know what another very energetic, active dog would bring.  What he has brought is happiness.  The first week was an  djustment for Rudi, but he has settled in with our family and is relaxed and loving.  We run with Rudi and Sasha daily and he is building up his tolerance on the trails.  We’ve begun a few obedience lessons with him as we’ve done in the past with Sasha.  He’s so smart and catches on quickly.  He may even be smarter than Sasha (shhhhh).  My favorite part of the day is when he curls up on the couch with me or sometimes on me.  He has settled in to our house and our hearts.

Gene & Tara
New Smyrna Beach