Tinley was given up by his owner who didn’t have enough time for him, and went to go live with a wonderful family near Tampa!

From his owners:

Tinley is really doing great. He is the sweetest thing! His favorite things are going on our daily walks in the evenings and to snuggle and cuddle, especially in our bed at night (he can be a bit of a hog though!) Our girls absolutely love him and I think the feeling is mutual.

Tinley has made a few “friends” in the neighborhood and he always looks forward to seeing them on our walks. I think he may have even found a girlfriend, Roxie, who is a min-pin. She likes to run circles around him and he just eats it up!

Tinley is a wonderful dog and we are all so happy to have him in our life.

Tinley1 Tinley2 Tinley3 Tinley4